TypeOn-ground Course
DateFeb 8, 2017 - Apr 12, 2017
TimeWednesdays from 6.40pm
PlaceHawera Masjid & Islamic Centre 20 Turuturu road, Hawera


This 10 week Study Circle will cover discussions on the current world – the various shocking conflicts, corruption and overall societal degradation, and what Islam’s response is to the decimation and devastation we face today. Is there hope for humanity?


We are indeed living in an era where decimation and devastation, corruption and oppression are all around us. From shocking human conflicts to depressing environmental degradation, the signs of an imminent end to the world as we know it is a not too distant future. When seen from an apocalyptic eye, all that can be seen is a pathway to a dark abyss of tormenting end. It can, and does, send many an adult – let alone our children – into depression for many, extreme and radical action for a few, and a sense of total helplessness for most people in the world.

But we have been ushered to this sad reality, by the Messengers of God, The Creator of the universe, and none as much in warning us of the latter days than the final Messenger Muhammad, upon whom be peace and blessings of God. He informed us of the signs to watch for. But he also informed us of what our response ought to be through every period this world would go through.
What are those signs and how do we make sense of the apocalyptic news we see daily, and what do we do about it? How do we protect our children from depression and despair so common to the hearts and minds of too many of today’s youth? This 10 week Study Circle, a Globally Accessible Program, will address these questions of reality that is shaping the world right in front of our eyes, to help us be a light of hope in the midst of darkness of terror wrought from the hands of humanity upon itself.

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