TypeOn-ground Course
DateMay 13, 2017 - May 21, 2017
PlaceAl Ghazzali Centre, 299 Belmore Road, Riverwood, NSW, Australia


Everyone is created by their Compassionate God with purpose. You have a unique purpose, and you have been granted specific favours and blessings, that if you are able to identify them, you would live a prosperous and purposeful life.

Your nature – temperaments – ultimately defines who you are. Your strengths and your weaknesses are all within you and it is possible to identify them and learn about them and learn from our behaviour, to ultimately transform ourselves towards excellence. This two-weekend seminar seminar allows you to take the first steps toward identifying your true nature and your purpose.


In this ground-breaking journey of self-discovery this two-weekend seminar will introduce the intricate relationship between our food, environment, our innate nature of who we are as individuals, and how it all affects our behaviour and ultimately character. By understanding these elements we can work towards the development of a better, more productive and successful reality of ourselves.

The 1st weekend will focus on:

  • Understanding about temperaments
  • Learning about how to identify your nature manifested from your temperament
  • The physical influence of food and environment on your behaviour and nature

The 2nd weekend will focus on:

  • Understanding virtues and character, and how different temperaments manifest them
  • Learning how to improve your behaviour and ultimately your character
  • Learning about how to utilise your nature optimally at work, socially and with family

Al-Ghazzali Centre invites you to take part in this two-weekend seminar with Imam Afroz Ali, which will definitely revolutionise the way you approach life, work, family and how all that together ought to assist you in your personal and very sacred journey to reaching your Lord.