Public Statement — Al-Ghazzali Centre, Sydney

The interim caretakers of the Al-Ghazzali Centre, Sydney, hereby advise:

1) The founder of the Al-Ghazzali Centre in Sydney, Imam Afroz Ali, has taken a leave of absence from the centre for personal and health reasons, which entails leave from all teaching and any executive Muslim community responsibilities, for the foreseeable future.

2) Al-Ghazzali Centre shall be entrusted to a registered organisation to continue teaching and work in the spirit of the centre. Consideration of any such organisation is underway, in consultation with members. A public announcement will be made at the conclusion of this process.

3) All monetary donations to any bank accounts associated with Al-Ghazzali Centre should now cease until the conclusion of the consultation process.


Steering Committee for Al-Ghazzali Centre
8 Ramadan 1438 | 4 June 2017

Hamed Baqaie
Convenor, Steering Committee